Cleaning condo dryer duct

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Att.: Michael

Thank you very much for t downtown today. Your crew was amazing and extremely informative!

I have had a few other companies perform this cleaning but I have never dealt with a more professional and thorough team as yours.

If it is ok with you I would like to pass on my review as well as your contact information to my building strata.

I will inform them that if they want a proper and complete cleaning they should use your company and not the least expensive option as that has been my problem for a few years.

I do not know who they normally use but I can assure them that the cleaning they are getting is not the same as it is with you.

FYI I had a velocity reading at the discharge of about 300 FPM before cleaning. We had a reading of above 600 FPM when completed and the airflow was much more uniform.

Again thanks!

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