Improve Building Laundry Costs and Safety with Our Vancouver Lower Mainland Dryer Vent Cleaning Expertise

Multi-Units -In-suite – Dryer Ducts Cleaning

Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning – Cost-Effective Dryer Duct Cleaning Services for Strata Managers, Strata Corporations and Owners

Exceptional industry experience is at the core of the MAS Vancouver dryer duct cleaning service offering for Strata Corporations. The company offers proven experience of working with BC Lower Mainland Strata Corporations of all sizes to ensure that optimal dryer duct cleaning service is provided at a scalable cost according to their full building management requirements.

Clothes dryer ducts and exterior dryer vents should be maintained in “clean and clear condition” to prevent restrictions to improve dryer efficiency for reduced hydro costs and help to prevent the development of potential fire hazards.

This is why we strongly recommend that dryer ducts be cleaned “from inside and outside annually” (or more often depending on use).

Whether the Strata Corporation comprises a four-unit home or a property with over 1000 units, MAS has the experience, the resources and the technical capacity to ensure the optimal dryer duct cleaning solution is delivered. We offer a prompt, professional and affordable solution to all dryer duct cleaning challenges for Strata Corporations in Vancouver and across the BC Lower Mainland.

Here’s why you should consider MAS for your building needs:

  • Experienced Workmanship

Our team has proven experience cleaning many thousands of dryer ducts in multi-unit high-rise, low-rise and commercial buildings to assure BC Lower Mainland building owners the highest quality of service. This means we can help Strata building owners recognize dryer duct cleaning challenges and then resolve those challenges using the latest technology.

  • Scalable Management Pricing

We understand the difficulties facing owners of growing Strata Corporations in Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland Regions. As sites grow to incorporate new buildings, so do the site’s building management costs. We work with Strata Corporations to help manage these rising costs. We offer special cost-effective pricing on dryer duct cleaning for larger Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland properties and can compete with any other local specialist when it comes to service management.

  • Innovative Techniques and Equipment

In addition to our expertise when it comes to dryer duct cleaning, our team is also adept within diagnostics. We utilize equipment such as the latest airflow testing systems and camera technology to review air ducts in detail. Our camera snake systems, for example, can help us identify blockages and other issues deep within building air duct systems. This type of proactive analysis can ensure a swift resolution to costly and potentially hazardous building issues.

  • Committed to On-Site Safety

MAS are widely held as one of the foremost companies within the local field for duct cleaning services and worksite safety. MAS has an unblemished health & safety record and WorkSafe BC Gold Star status. Our service begins with a project risk assessment and includes a written comprehensive fall protection plan for each project that secures the project and the organization against potential safety issues. We train and certify our employees in WorkSafe BC health and safety requirements and the latest fall prevention techniques and ensure that all jobs are begun only after the required safety plans have been created and put into action on-site. It’s an unparalleled commitment that MAS team members carry forward in each project.

Strata Building owners can begin ensuring safe, high quality duct cleaning efficiency within their properties today by contacting our trusted work team directly at 604-589-2553.