Make MAS Your Partners for Commercial Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

Dryer Duct Cleaning for Commercial Businesses

Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning: Impeccable Dryer Duct Cleaning – Customized to Unique Commercial and Strata Requirements

Here at MAS, our experts have great experience working with all configurations of dryer duct systems in all types of buildings and facilities. Our Vancouver duct cleaning team works with commercial building managers, strata managers, strata councils and building owners such as; bio-medical laboratories, hair salons, medical clinics, pet stores and laundry facilities throughout the BC Lower Mainland. It’s the type of service that all building owners require to ensure to ensure their dryer ducts are maintained in “clear and clean” condition to improve dryer duct air flow and help prevent the development of potential fire hazards.

MAS Dryer Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver offer commercial clients the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Strategies

Dryer ducts are often neglected until problems are noticed. Potential problems could include longer drying times, clothes not drying, higher energy costs, water damage on ceiling, or the dryer unit becoming unusually hot. Dryer ducts can also become blocked or restricted over time by wet or dry dryer lint, water accumulation, bird’s nests or bee hives. Our MAS duct cleaning experts work with all commercial clients across Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland Regions to create a flexible maintenance schedule to help maintain their dryer duct systems in “clean and clear” condition.

Our MAS team has considerable knowledge and experience after cleaning many thousands of dryer ducts of all configurations including long narrow in-slab dryer ducts in concrete buildings. We have provided solutions for owners and building engineers for wet or problematic dryer ducts we’ve encountered over the years. Our MAS expert dryer duct cleaning Technicians apply their knowledge and experience and use powerful commercial “reverse snake air-washing” cleaning equipment to professionally clean any normal dryer duct, in any high-rise, low-rise or building complex in the BC Lower Mainland “all the way through”.

  •  Cost Effective Pricing

Committing to routine annual dryer duct cleaning is critical for all building owners and so MAS has crafted a pricing structure that ensures professional yet affordable expertise can be allocated to their clients’ sites within a short timeframe. This affordable pricing structure means MAS is able to provide one of the most cost-effective services in the BC Lower Mainland.

  • Specialist Services

The MAS team is trained to complete a broad range of specialist cleaning services for our clients across the BC Lower Mainland region. One example is their dryer duct – booster fan installation service for “long, wet or problem dryer ducts”. The booster fans our Vancouver team supplies and installs as part of their duct cleaning work are commercial quality – quiet running – with automatic start/stop features specifically designed to boost and improve air-flow through the dryer duct and push hot moisture laden air out of the dryer duct system to the atmosphere. (To help prevent water accumulation in the dryer duct).

Water Dryer
Water flowing out of dryer duct

We also service and repair most other existing dryer duct booster fan models as part of our comprehensive cleaning services.

Call us for details and current pricing! MAS’s dryer duct cleaning services are available for all commercial and strata building owners! To book professional & effective dryer duct cleaning for your property, please contact our team directly today at 604-589-2553.