How to Choose a Professional Duct Cleaning Service in the Vancouver

Commercial Duct Cleaning

The growing business landscape makes duct cleaning inevitable. Today, most businesses in Vancouver have signed up for regularly scheduled commercial duct cleaning services with an aim to maintain good quality indoor air and keep occupants healthy and comfortable. Other than this, advantages such as improved HVAC performance, lesser utility bills and reduced breakdowns work as […]

Know How Air Duct Cleaning Helps You To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Air Ducts in industrial projects

Many of us have switched to energy-efficient bulbs and have made sure to install energy star appliances to save on electricity bills. Then why is the need for clean air ducts overlooked? You may not know this, but you could be wasting hundreds of dollars by paying higher energy bills, just because enough attention has […]

Reduce Fire Hazards with Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust

It is better to be safe than sorry and we mean it. Prone to easy accumulation of grease, commercial kitchen exhaust systems become dirty at a faster rate and can eventually break out into a spontaneous fire if not kept clean and maintained on a timely basis. According to NFPA, every year there are thousands […]

Know the importance of regular vent cleaning

Dryer Vents

Outdoor air quality is influenced by various factors that are beyond our control. On the contrary, controlling the quality of indoor air can be a simple job. Associated with the HVAC system, air ducts play an essential role in circulating the right amount of air flow all through your space and ensures comfortable temperature indoors. […]