Make Safety a Priority with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning from Our Vancouver Experts

Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Ducts Cleaning

Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning – Safe, Effective and Proven Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Duct Cleaning Services

As all owners of growing BC Lower Mainland restaurants know, kitchen hood and exhaust duct systems can become exceptionally dirty very quickly, as grease builds up within the system. This presents a number of health and safety challenges in an environment where fire hazards are prevalent. Restaurant owners must maintain their business according to the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Agency) 96 standards. This means restaurant kitchen hood grease cleaning work must be completed proficiently and according to industry-mandated schedules. Our Vancouver commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning team has great experience in this area and can help ensure that these highest of industry standards are met; thereby providing a safe workplace for your team and ensuring insurance costs are minimized.

Our full range of kitchen hood cleaning services includes:

  • Comprehensive Cleaning by Trained Experts

Our company is trained and certified through expert kitchen exhaust cleaning trainers Phil Ackland Training. Through this intensive training process we understand the equipment and the techniques required to complete our work professionally. One of the most important elements of our work is communication. We communicate with Vancouver kitchen teams during commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning work to ensure that everyone understands the importance of kitchen hood maintenance.

  • Cutting Edge Cleaning Equipment

In completing our kitchen hood and exhaust duct system grease removal work, the MAS cleaning staff utilize a proprietary formula of safe and effective cleaning chemicals. We also work with the leading brands of cleaning equipment to ensure that kitchen hood and exhaust duct systems are spotless when we leave the kitchen. With normal clean-out door access, our flexible equipment ensures there’s no area we cannot reach within the restaurant kitchen exhaust duct system. Exhaust systems are cleaned top-to-bottom, including exhaust hoods as well as horizontal and vertical ductwork.

  • Expertly-Designed Maintenance Schedules

Choosing MAS in Vancouver for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning work means companies are working with a trusted leader with decades of experience in the ductwork cleaning marketplace. We help BC Lower Mainland restaurants build a refined maintenance cleaning regimen according to their cleaning requirements under the NFPA 96 standards. These standards set out specific inspection and maintenance cleaning schedules according to the volume of cooking work completed by the restaurant. The busier the restaurant; the more frequent the required inspections. MAS will help companies balance their requirements under the NFPA 96 standards with the need to consolidate overall expenditure. It’s how we help restaurant owners to guard against potential kitchen fire hazards and help reduce their overall maintenance costs.

By working with MAS, restaurant owners from across the BC Lower Mainland Regions can assure their kitchen areas are cleaned to the highest of market standards. Begin the process today by contacting our team directly at 604-589-2553 and booking a consultation appointment.